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Firm NameResident ManagerCityState
J P Long, CPA, LLC Jill Long, CPAWinfieldKS
J. A. Elliott, LLC Jeffrey Elliott, CPATopekaKS
J. Diane Dunn, CPA, LLC J. Diane Dunn, CPAWichitaKS
J. Scott Love, CPA J. Scott Love, CPALeboKS
J. Tenbrink & Associates, LLC Gerald T. Tenbrink, CPAOlatheKS
J.D. Rosen, C.P.A., P.A. Jeffery D. Rosen, CPALeawoodKS
J.D. Wilbert, CPA, LLC Jon D. Wilbert, CPAPittsburgKS
Jack Newman Advisory Services Jack A. Newman, Jr., CPALeawoodKS
Jack R. Calegari, CPA, LLC Jack R. Calegari, CPALee's SummitMO
James D. Bell, CPA, LLC James D. Bell, CPAOlatheKS
James F. Rogers, C.P.A., P.A. James F. Rogers, CPAWichitaKS
James Gordon & Associates CPA, PA James L. Gordon, CPAManhattanKS
James R. Northcutt, CPA James R. Northcutt, CPAWichitaKS
James R. White, CPA, PA James R. White, CPAOverland ParkKS
James T. Scherer, CPAs James T. Scherer, CPAHiawathaKS
James V. Myers, Chartered James V. Myers, CPATribuneKS
Janice R. Minner, C.P.A., P.A. Janice R. Minner, CPAHutchinsonKS
Jarred, Gilmore & Phillips, PA Philip A. Jarred, CPAChanuteKS
Jarrett & Norton CPAs, LLC Anne Jarrett, CPAWinfieldKS
Jeanne Taylor CPA Jeanne Taylor, CPAOlatheKS
Jeff Pinkney CPA, Inc. Jeff Pinkney, CPAHaysKS
Jeff S. Hanson, CPA, LLC Jeff S. Hanson, CPAHighlands RanchCO
Jeffery A. Thorne, CPA, P.A. Jeffery A. Thorne, CPAAtchisonKS
Jeffrey A. Leiserowitz, CPA, LLC Jeffrey A. Leiserowitz, CPALeawoodKS
Jennifer L. Eichinger, CPA, LLC Jennifer L. Eichinger, CPAParsonsKS
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