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Fitness, The Shop: Topeka's Garage Gym
20% off 3 month and free week intro. We offer Functional Fitness, Group Fitness Classes, Yoga, and Cross-training.

The training at The Shop is likely very different from anything you have ever done. While we have CrossFit L1 and USAW certified instructors, we are not an affiliate of Crossfit or USAW and training here is not like other CrossFit gyms in the area. In our group classes we do NOT work sport specific training for the most part, but rather focus on general physical preparedness for all of our members. We have found through trials that our workouts, if done correctly, will not only increase your strength and respiratory max, but will also increase your aerobic capacity without having to focus on aerobic activity several times per week.

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email us at seperator 785/296-4278