STAR Discount Program
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Additional Information

KU Weight Control Research Project
We offer Weight Management Programs in Topeka, Lawrence, and the Greater Kansas City area.

Phase I: Regular class fees are $80 every 4 weeks plus a one-time $50 materials fee. Phase 1 participants will be required to purchase pre-packaged meals from our program. Phase I lasts for 12 weeks

Phase II:: Class fees are $65 every 4 weeks. Participants are not required to purchase food in Phase II. Phase II is an ongoing extension of what you will learn in Phase I.

With the 10% off discount: The class fee for Phase I will be $72.00 every 4 weeks plus a one-time $50 materials fee. Individuals should call and say they are a State Employee then provide proof of State employment at the time of the informational meeting (i.e. state ID card or paystub of some sort).

State Employees Only - Family Not Included.

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