Kansas Information Technology Office

This is intended for IT acquisitions greater than $5,000 and less than $250,000. Any IT acquisition $250,000 or greater must follow ITEC policy 2400. If you have questions concerning the policy please contact the KITO office.

As a first step in getting a better understanding of the Information Technology spend across the Executive branch, all IT acquisitions greater than $5000 must now be reported to the Executive Branch Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) prior to their acquisition. Agencies must complete this form and have it reviewed by the CITO’s office before such hardware, software, license, or service can be purchased.

Staff from the Executive Branch CITO’s office may contact you with questions regarding your submission. Agencies may proceed with the acquisition two business days after the date/time of the submission unless notified by the Executive Branch CITO. Acquisitions marked as an emergency purchase may proceed within 24 hours of the date/time of submission unless notified by the Executive Branch CITO.

Agencies can submit questions to itacquisition@ks.gov.

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