Kansas Setoff Program Debtor Web Inquiry

Welcome to the Kansas Setoff Program Debtor Web Inquiry. The Setoff Program is governed by K.S.A. 75-6201 et seq. The Kansas Setoff Program will apply State of Kansas payments or Kansas Income Tax refunds to debts owed to Kansas state agencies, Kansas district courts, Kansas municipalities (cities, counties, unified school districts, townships, fire districts, municipal courts, city or county hospitals, etc.), and/or State of Missouri Income Tax debts.

Debtor Inquiry

Please enter your Tax ID/SSN and your last name. You may need to try other variations of your last name. If you have filed a Kansas Joint Income Tax return, each tax filer should enter their individual Tax ID/SSN and last name variations into the Debtor Web Inquiry search. The Debtor Web Inquiry will search only for current debts active in the Setoff Program. For information regarding the debt(s) please contact each creditor agency at the phone number provided for each debt listed on the search results screen. Debtor Web Inquiry Disclaimer: This tool is provided for informational purposes only. The display of complete search results is dependent on the accuracy of the search criteria entered and the data submitted by the creditor agencies (i.e. no mistyping/misspellings).