KANS-A-N Usage Information

Use of KANS-A-N

The KANS-A-N (Kansas Agency Network) network is provided for official government business only. KANS-A-N is a leased, private-line, state managed network that serves long-distance, voice, data, and video communication. It provides intrastate, interstate and international service for all ON-NET stations 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. Unless there is a danger to life or property and KANS-A-N is inoperative, all official long distance calls should be placed over KANS-A-N. The least expensive commercial service, Direct Distance Dialing (DDD/1+), should be used when KANS-A-N is not available.

Before Reporting Problems

If a station's user encounters difficulties while placing a call over the KANS-A-N network, the following procedure should be used in reporting problems:

Request of Service

Requests for service changes in existing service, or suggestions and inquiries about any aspect of KANS-A-N service should be addressed to:

Bureau of Telecommunication Services
Division of Information Systems and Communications
900 SW Jackson RM 751S
Topeka KS 66612-1275
Tel. (785) 296-7714

Problem Reporting

Conditions That Are Not Problems

KANS-A-N callers may encounter the following conditions, which do not indicate problems:

Before Reporting Problems

If a station's user encounters difficulties while placing a call over the KANS-A-N network, the following procedure should be used in reporting problems:

Reporting Problems

Please provide the following information when reporting problems:

Instructions for Using the KANS-A-N System


"Official state KANS-A-N calls" are long distance telephone calls placed over KANS-A-N facilities by state officers or employees in direct support of official state business. "Official state business" is defined in KAR 1-17-1 as "the pursuit of a goal, obligation, function or duty imposed upon or performed by a state officer or employee required by employment with this state."

Personal Calls

In most agencies, personal calls are not authorized. However, the head of any state agency may establish a policy in writing to allow employees of that agency to use the KANS-A-N system to make "personal" calls and to recover the costs from the appropriate parties. Each agency that has established policies, or that establishes new policies and procedures will submit copies to the Secretary of Administration. Please refer to DISC Policy and Procedure Memorandum 5206 for more information http://www.da.ks.gov/disc/pubs/ppms/p5206_00.htm.

Individuals making unauthorized personal calls on KANS-A-N will be subject to applicable sanctions. Upon the agency's request, DISC will run a computerized analysis of an agency's KANS-A-N billing records for use in identifying possible abuses.

Topeka Centrex Users

Topeka customers of Centrex with prefixes 266, 271, 291, 296 and 368 have the following special features for single-line telephone service. Personnel should contact their agency's Telecommunications Representative to obtain instructions on how to use these basic features and for information on additional special features that may facilitate voice telecommunications.

KANS-A-N Access #8Call Hold on Hook #10
Park #18 Call Transfer*
Park Retrieve #19Three-Way Call*
Call Hold Off Hook #11* - See instructions for your agency

Using KANS-A-N from ON-NET Telephones

For all calls from any KANS-A-N telephone to any other telephone at any time:

Directory Assistance

To dial information directly, dial: 9-1-411 or 9-10-10-ATT-00. (These calls cost $1.50 or more. One alternative is the use one of the Internet search engines to find the number.) Extra charges will incur when dialing "0" or "00" for Information on local numbers or other area codes and/or when the operator completes the call.

For toll free calls, dial "9" then the toll free number.

Using KANS-A-N from OFF-NET Telephones

Any agency location that does not have a dedicated connection to the KANS-A-N network is considered an OFF-NET telephone. Because many dedicated connections have been removed, this category includes many locations that formerly had dedicated KANS-A-N lines. If you are not sure if you fall into this category, contact your agency Telecommunications Representative and ask if there are different procedures necessary to make a call other than the calls described below:

For calls to area codes that are different from the area code of your office telephone:

For calls to a number within the same area code as your office telephone:

By following these dialing procedures, you will ensure the lowest KANS-A-N rates possible.

KANS-A-N Calling Card

Calling cards are issued to agencies for distribution to personnel requiring access to long-distance calls from any OFF-NET location. Calling cards may be acquired from your agency's Telecommunications Representative. Because calls are identified and billed by the card number, precautions must be taken to prevent the use of calling cards by unauthorized persons.

Report any lost calling cards or unauthorized use to: Network Control Center at 785-296-2310. Questions concerning problems in the use of these calling cards should be directed to: AT&T at 1-800-882-2273.

From any touch-tone telephone (24 hours a day):

Special Calls and Procedures

Local Calls

The KANS-A-N system should not be used to make calls between offices in the same city or local telephone exchange area, as unnecessary costs will be incurred by the calling agency. Follow current local standard procedures in placing all local calls, including local operator assistance and directory calls.

KANS-A-N Operator Assistance
To reach the KANS-A-N State Operator for assistance:

Voice Mail

DISC provides Voice Mail Services for Topeka and Wichita (WSOB) customers. This service allows callers to leave recorded messages and employees to check messages remotely. Contact your Telecommunications Representative for additional information.

The cost per line is $1.50 per month


There are three types of calls that KANS-A-N cannot accommodate. These calls must be placed through the commercial telephone company operator. They are:

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