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The Kansas Relay Center facilitates communication with Kansans that have hearing and/or speech disabilities. These persons communicate with a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD), a combination telephone/typewriter that enables the individual to type out his or her portion of the conversation. Other forms of TDDs include teletypewriters and compatible personal computers with modems.

The relay center operator receives and simultaneously reads the messages aloud to the hearing person. The hearing person's spoken words are then typed back to the hearing/speech-impaired caller. Hearing persons can also initiate calls through the center to communicate with hearing/speech-disabled persons.

Voice and Hearing Carry Over Service

Voice Carry Over enables an individual with a hearing disability to voice his or her part of the conversation while using the TDD to receive the spoken message. Hearing Carry Over enables an individual with a speech disability to hear the conversation while using the TDD to send responses.

Accessing the Kansas Relay Center

Both speech/hearing disabled and hearing Kansans can access the Kansas Relay Center by calling toll-free 1-800-766-3777.

Callers should inform the relay operator of the number they wish to call and the type of call they are making direct, credit card, collect, person-to-person, etc.

The Kansas Relay Center handles local and long- distance calls. All long-distance calls must originate and/or terminate in Kansas and must be billed to a Kansas telephone number. There are no charges for local calls. Long-distance calls are billed on the customer's monthly telephone bill. When making long-distance calls, provide the name of your long-distance company if you do not have access or codes to use the KANS-A-N lines. If you have access to KANS-A-N, provide the 800 KANS-A-N number and your calling card number.

Additional Features

Calls handled by the Kansas Relay Center are strictly confidential. As required by law, operators cannot disclose any information from a conversation and records of the contents of conversations are not kept.

All long-distance calls handled by the Kansas Relay Center are billed at special discounted rates established by the Kansas Corporation Commission. There are no charges for call setup time. For an informational brochure complete with specific instructions on using the Kansas Relay Center please write:

Kansas Relay Center
734 Vermont, PO Box 863
Lawrence, KS 66044


The Language Line is a billable service available to facilitate communications between non-English speaking people and the agencies that serve them. Language Line makes it possible to bridge the language barrier at any time. More than 140 languages are available and interpreters are trained to handle all types of communications.

For additional information on Language Line, contact your Telecommunications Representative or call 785-296-7714 to be directed to the appropriate person.



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