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AT&T - Cellular Phones


State of Kansas AT&T Employee Discount Program:

You could be saving $10/mo. per phone line*
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Enjoy unlimited usage on the nations largest Wi-Fi network.
Simultaneous use of voice and data on the nations fastest mobile broadband network.

To find the AT&T store closest to you visit:  (MENTION CODE, OR PRINT INFORMATION)

If you visit a local AT&T store please have proof of eligibility (employee badge, paystub or student ID).

REFERRAL PROGRAM: AT&T Wireless and U-Verse
Refer your friends, family and co-workers and earn up to $575 per year!

AT&T Trade-In Program & Smartphone to Smartphone Trade In Program!

Recycle your phone, tablet, or netbook and get an AT&T Promotion Card good towards the purchase of products and services

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