STAR Discount Program
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Additional Information

U.S. Cellular
10% discount on monthly access charge for voice services. Please see restrictions for qualifying rate plan information. To take advantage of discount employee of the State of Kansas must contact us at 800-819-9373 and mention Partner Employee Discount Code - PED1513 or go to this website:

NOTE: if your work email address is not recognized or if your work email address ends in .com you will need to visit any US Cellular retail location and present a copy of your pay advice and a photo id issued by your state agency.

NOTE: the PED discount of 10% is applied to the monthly recurring charge of the price plan.
(This applies to the Belief Plan with messaging and/or data bundled into the rate plans. It does not apply to messaging or data "add-on" verticals).

Program Offer Guidelines:

Customer must be on a minimum $69.95 Single line plan or $99.95 Family plan. The minimum price on Family Plans or ShareTalk plans is based on the "base" price of the plan (adding 3+ to get to $99.95 MRC does not qualify). If customers change to an ineligible price plan after receiving the discount, the discount should be removed by whomever is performing the price plan change.

--Unlimited plans are eligible to receive PED/XPED discounts.

--Minimum of 21+lines for Corporate LiableAccount

--PED/XPED discounts expire after 24 months and customers must reverify they are employed with a PED/XPED eligible company and meet the other PED eligibility requirements to be eligible for the discount.

--Eligible PED/XPED customer must be the account holder to be eligible for the PED/XPED discount.

--Customers can re-validate employment and renew their discount no earlier than 2 months of their discount expiring provided they meet all eligibility requirements.

--U.S. Cellular may require that you provide proof of your employment.

--If you are no longer an employee of the eligible organization or if the organization is no longer a business customer of U.S. Cellular, U.S. Cellular reserves the right to remove any discount that has been applied to your account without notice.

-- All terms and conditions of the U.S. Cellular Customer Service Agreement apply to your participation in this program.

--The discount will be applied to your account within 1-2 billing cycles.

Instructions for getting the discount online:

1. Customer visits and enters the following information:

-- Name
-- Corporate E-mail Address and click Submit

2. A second web page will open to thank the customer for their information and remind them to check their corporate e-mail address.

3. If the e-mail address entered at matches the e-mail database, a confirmation e-mail will be sent.

- Depending on the e-mail received, customers will be led to one of the following pages

If customers receive "You're Eligible" e-mail,

a. Clicking "Go" on one of the "You're Eligible" e-mails will take customers to the final step to request their discount.

b. Customers will enter their CTN and click Submit to finalize their discount request.

c. Customers will receive a final web page (shown at the right) that confirms their request.

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