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One of the main goals of the employee discount program is to list, for state employees, appropriate discounts offered by vendors. The STAR Employee Discount Program Policy is applied to determine whether an offer is appropriate.

Employee discount information located on the STAR Program website lists available discounts from appropriate vendors, regardless of size, location, or the existence of an official business contract with the State of Kansas. All vendors are given the same opportunity to participate, by offering a discount on products or services to state employees. The STAR Program does not solicit vendor participation. Discount proposals originate from referrals by state employees or by direct contact from a vendor.

It is also important to note that the STAR Program simply provides a place for appropriate vendors to offer discounts to state employees. A brief initial screening is conducted by the STAR Coordinator for all new discounts, which may include a visual check on the discount vendor website or discount information document, a Better Business Bureau search, and verification of the appropriateness of the discount products or services. The employee discount website and any related announcements clearly caution that these discounts are not necessarily the best deal available. The STAR Program does not negotiate discounts; therefore, as an informed consumer, each employee should research and compare prices, levels of service, or any certification or licensing requirements before making any purchase or signing any agreement or contract.

Employee Eligibility
Eligibility requirements are set forth by the discount vendor, but generally, all state employees within the Executive branch of government are eligible for these discounts. However, limitations on participation may exist for those specific employees directly and significantly involved in the procurement process. Such employees should consult their purchasing director for guidance.

Employees must consult the specific discount vendor for any proof of employment requirements or eligibility limitations. Some vendors may include retired employees as eligible.

Department Role
Each department has no formal responsibility or obligation to these discount or resource and referral STAR options. These options are intended to enhance the benefits of state employment and are generally valuable to employees.